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More Than Just Foster Parents

Jordan and Mallory were born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Their spirit of adventure and willingness to commit their desires to God has anchored them to South Dakota.

Jordan graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2012 with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology. His inspiration to be a part of something much bigger than himself, led him to join the United States Air Force in 2014. After a year learning and teaching wilderness survival, he settled in a career of executive support for the 28th Bomb Wing Commander at Ellsworth AFB, SD.

Mallory also graduated in 2012 earning her bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. After college, Mallory spent time working in sales and administration at the historic Mills House, the Holiday Inn, and The Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina in South Carolina. She has also worked in front office administration for Northwood Church in Summerville, SC and a staff position for the children’s ministry at Fountain Springs Church. Mallory is now commissioned as a stay at home mom.


When Jordan and Mallory arrived in South Dakota, they quickly became licensed foster parents. Since 2015, they have taken care of over 30 children and counting, through long term placements, respites, and emergency care. At times, they have even taken care of children after reunification at the request of biological parents and not through foster care.

Throughout their journey, God was growing within them big dreams and even bigger hearts. Historically, foster care can be the worst part of a child’s life. The trauma they experience cannot be undone, but restoration is possible. Now their goal is to make foster care the best part of a child life, by giving them loving families and experiences that are all to uncommon in the foster care system. Jordan and Mallory have been extremely inspired by the many amazing foster parents in Rapid City, SD. They know there is a model that works and are dedicated to replicating that model.

Jordan and Mallory are a driven, inspiring couple. They have experienced and witnessed many young, broken hearts, terrible circumstances, hurting children, fearful futures, and hopelessness. Their hearts find comfort in these principles, God provides, He restores, He rescues, He is a Father to the fatherless, and He is HOPE.

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