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Provide healthy, family environments for children to develop and grow; reaching their full potential in God honoring ways.
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Change Foster Care in South Dakota

Foster Care in South Dakota
SD Foster Care

Our Advantages

  • Healthy, proactive families

  • 24/7 family oversight

  • Accommodate 25 children with plans to expand

  • Financial oversight

  • Centralized visits from case workers

  • Centralized cultural events and learning

  • Centralized for specialized providers

  • Centralized foster parent support

  • Opportunities for children to be exposed to experiences they would not receive 

  • Connect to resources for a successful future

  • Teach right from wrong giving them a moral and spiritual foundation

South Dakota has an extremely high need for qualified foster families.  Children in foster care often receive secondhand stuff; physically and emotionally. Our dream is to give each and every child the very best, without getting overly inundated and losing the intentionality these children need in their lives. This ranch can bare the burdens by partnering with the community and change lives one child at a time.

Each child has a wealth of needs that are usually based on a "catch up" model. Foster families are required to make sure these children have doctor's appointments, dental appointments, catch up on school work, meet with specialized care providers or counselors, attend court hearings, visits with biological parents, and attend cultural awareness.

We believe foster children have many other needs as well. Opportunities to play sports, learn music, go skiing, ride horses, ride dirt bikes, play games with family, learn cultural dances, learn cultural stories, learn cultural language, rock climb, hunt, fish.

They should also learn valuable skills like personal finance, auto care, cooking, organizing, reading, writing, journaling, photography, construction, farming, and ranching.


They should also be able to participate in family activities that involve learning personal responsibility like taking care of pets, raising chickens, horses etc. doing chores, running errands, and organizing events. 

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Our Solution

Build a community for raising foster children who are orphaned, neglected, abused and abandoned. The community will have a unique foundation that is unlike a traditional institution such as a group home or children home. Each chid will be raised in a healthy, family environment. Dedicated house parents will work full-time raising children, taking them to appointments, helping them through school, teaching them culture and preparing them for independence. Family mealtimes, chores, devotions, vacations, extracurricular school/community activities, and discipline will be some of our top priorities. 

Homes will be styled to fully support 2 house parents and 3-6 kids in foster care. This will include a passenger van for each home used for transportation and organized food plans incorporating WIC assistance for children who qualify. Individualized house plans with regular family meetings, will ensure all needs are being taken care of based on the background, personalities, and interest of the children. There will be a playground for summer activities outdoors. A gym that will support sports and activities in the winter time. We also plan to build a Conference/Learning Center to host cultural events and education and develop off-road tracks/trails for ATVs and dirt bikes.

  • Teach life and independent living skills skills to help children feel stable

  • Provide a voice for children and help them stay out of trouble  

  • Guide children though tough times and past trauma 

  • Guide Children through critical thinking and problem solving

  • Guide Children through information on furthering education

  • Get children ready for college

  • Encourage children by giving them value, purpose, and security  

  • Educating children on Personal Finance

  • Non-institutional environment 

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Light of Mine Ranch, a 501(c)(3) Corporation

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