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"LIGHT UP FOSTER CARE" is a viral T-shirt campaign, centered around shining light on every aspect of the foster care system.

Light Up Foster Care


Before my wife and I became foster parents, we had no idea what the children in our community and nation were going through. There is a HUGE gap between foster families and the surrounding community. If you dive into foster care, you will see that it is overcome with darkness. The statistics are despairing. I want to assure you, that is not the whole story; THERE IS LIGHT. All across our nation, children in foster care are thriving. Children that have been removed from a dangerous situation can feel safe and loved. Foster families are making huge sacrifices to ensure children can be children and receive the tools need to succeed in life.


We would like to encourage you to use the hashtag #lightupfostercare when sharing these stories of hope!

"This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine"

So where can you SHINE THE LIGHT:

So where can you SHINE THE LIGHT:

On Children in Foster Care

On Foster Families

On Biological Families

On Social Services

On Case Workers & Supervisors

On Judges & attorneys

On CASA workers

On Teachers

On Churches

On Businesses

On Community

On Law Enforcement

On Support Organizations



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