The Founders Club


Tony & Tiffany Bares

Gabriel & Mandi Van Dusseldorp

Eric & Mary Combs

David & Roxanna Mills

Jake & Anna Maxwell

Mark & Katie Mires

Al & Janie Combs

Brian & Kayla Marusks

Joe & Juli Odegaard

Chad & Melissa Baur

Evan & Destiny Butler

Mike & Nancy Ernstes

Ben & Joanna Quintanilla

Mike & Pam Ales

Alicia Bledsoe & Family

Brad & Melinda Brady


Donna Johnston

Rebecca Kendall

Sly & Taylor Matano

Sam & Nora Smolnisky

Travis & Emily Gibson

David & Dawn Smith

Curt & Kathy Combs

Rachel Mutambuki

Brady Combs

Prudence Combs

Mille Jane Combs

Michael & Michelle Fox

Danny & Kay Young

The Cornford Family

Patrick & Tarren King

Kevin & Cara James

Colie & Kasey Crosby

John & Jess Kurle

Lance & Denise Butler

Neil & Kristle Butler

Amy Butler

Rachel Butler

Chris & Megan Wade

David & Katy Kinnan

Clay & Leslie Brewer

Cedric & Melissa Harper

Jeffrey & Sharon Stanley

Jeff & Kalli Vahrenkamp

Tyler & Nicole Odegaard

Aaron & Sam Odegaard

Tanner Odegaard

Regan Odegard

Matt & Morgan Read 

Brock & Jackie Richard

Dusty & Anna Brackett

Branden & Heidi Bestgen

Jacoby & Brittany Singleton

James & Mary Scull

Sidney & Margie Dudley

Craig & Sheila Kirkholm

Spencer & Logan Brandon

Larry & Susan Evanoff

John & Jennifer Edwards


Paul & Dotty Enos

Violet Hostetler

James & Colleen Munger

The Founders Club is for the first 100 people who donate $250 or more to Light of Mine Ranch. They will receive a horseshoe in the Light of Mine Ranch barn. It is unofficially named,

"the wall of 100 Horseshoes" 

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