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Become A Foster Parent

Light of Mine Ranch does not license foster families, but we can help. 

To become a foster parent in South Dakota you must:


- Be at Least 21 years old

- Live in a safe, structurally sound house

- Have sufficient income. (Most social services will provide monthly financial assistance) 

- Submit and pass a background check

- Complete 30 hours of foster parent training. 

Can’t Commit To Long Term Foster Care?

Common Foster Care Myths


“Foster children are a financial burden.”

-Not true. Children in foster care receive health benefits through the state and in most cases will state will pay for daycare if both parents are working or in school. 


“Children are in foster care because of bad behavior.” 

-Not true. Children are in foster care because their parents have neglected or abused them. It is no fault of their own.


“I won’t get to choose what children are placed with me.” 

-Not true. When you get a call for a placement always ask questions, if the child is not a good fit you can always say “no”. There is no pressure. You have the control. 


“I will get too attached.”

-True. You will definitely get attached, but that is the point. Children in foster care need love and you have the honor of giving that to them. 


“You have to be married to foster”

Not true. Single people can foster and make great foster parents. 


The major gateway to becoming a foster parent is through the Department of Social Services, however, there are other agencies that license foster families. 

Step 1. 

Call your local office today!!!

Questions about foster care?
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